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Students Working Against Tobacco Club Participates in Columbia High School Homecoming Parade
October 16, 2015

LAKE CITY, FL — Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) youth from Lake City Middle School participated in the Columbia High School homecoming parade this year. They had a wonderful time representing their school as well as the SWAT program, and took advantage of the opportunity to educate their community on the dangers of tobacco use.


After the event, a few of those students took a moment to reflect on their parade experience…

“SWAT impacted the youth as we walked in the parade. As I was passing by, I overheard a conversation between a child (about 6 or 7) and an adult. The child asked if a cigarette was tobacco. The adult said yes and the child asked, ‘Are you going to die?’ I watched as the adult dropped the cigarette and stepped on it.” Ora Daar, 8th grade

“I think SWAT impacted the community because when we walked, people would chant and scream. When we were walking, they saw how we were having fun and I am sure they thought SWAT would be cool to be in! The people also saw how we cared about their health and how we were trying to share the message of being tobacco free.”
Kyler Mclean, 8th grade

“I hope that people saw SWAT and the parade and want to know what we are about. Smoking kills; I know a little girl who lost her Mom to cigarettes.” Kalisa Hosch, 6th grade

“When the LCMS [Lake City Middle School] SWAT club walked in the homecoming parade, we showed many things. We showed that if you live a tobacco free life, you can go on and do many great things. We walked for over a mile and our clean, pink, beautiful lungs were cheering. Walking in the parade I hope we showed many people that you can achieve anything, even being tobacco free.” Raylen Farries

To learn more about the SWAT program in Columbia County, or to get involved, visit or email