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Lake City Middle School Students Working Against Tobacco Receive Through With Chew Week Proclamation
February 16, 2016

On February 16th, the City of Lake City recognized Feb 14th-20th as “Through With Chew Week.”

Through With Chew Week is a public awareness campaign that was created to reduce the use of smokeless tobacco among young people and help combat this deadly addiction. Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) members from Lake City Middle School were present to not only receive the Proclamation observing the week but they took the opportunity to educate local decision makers on the dangers of smokeless tobacco.

SWAT members Ora Darr and Nolan WIlliams took to the podium to educate decision makers on smokeless tobacco as well as their recent SWAT activities. Nolan’s speech can be found below:

Smokeless tobacco is an alternative to cigarettes. It is safe but not smarter to use.  Many people think that using smokeless tobacco makes you look cooler but in all actuality, you get addicted to the drug and this results in gum disease, some forms of cancer, and you can even lose parts of your tongue. An average of about 30,000 mouth cancer patients flood hospitals yearly. Can you imagine how much that costs to treat all of them? Increased hear rate and rushes of adrenaline are caused by all of the nicotine introduced to the blood stream This eventually leads to heart attacks and in some or all cases, death. Nicotine also constricts blood cells and cuts off oxygen rich blood to your lungs. This can lead to lung cancer, which also leads to death. Cancer in your mouth caused by smokeless tobacco can cause damage to your teeth, lips, gums, cheeks, and tongues. If you think of all the dangers of smokeless tobacco and you see what happens to the people you see around you, don’t start the end of your life just because you think it will make you look cool Stay tobacco free.

The Tobacco Free Partnership as well as SWAT would like to thank the City of Lake City for recognizing “Through With Chew Week” and their continual partnership in tobacco prevention.

Pictured Back Row (L to R): Lake City Middle School SWAT Advisor Stephanie Hosch, SWAT members Ora Daar, Nolan Williams, Community Health Advocate Joseph O’Hern; Front Row (L to R): Calissa Hosch and Kayla Hardy