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SWAT Uses Through With Chew Week and Kick Butts Day to Fight Back!
March 20, 2019

Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) members in Columbia County utilized Through With Chew Week and Kick Butts Day to shine a light on the dangers of tobacco use and how Big Tobacco targets teens in an effort to make them tobacco users.

In February students not only created an informative and educational poster campaign laying out the facts of smokeless tobacco but also took to their morning announcements to educate their peers on the harmless effects of using smokeless tobacco. Included in their morning announcements were facts such as, “Smokeless tobacco users have an 80% higher risk of getting oral cancer,” and “chewing tobacco puts more nicotine into your bloodstream than a traditional cigarette!”

When March rolled around it was time for “Kick Butts Day!” The Bureau of Tobacco Free Florida (BTFF) was a key asset in the messaging SWAT students used. SWAT members took the posters designed by BTFF and placed them through their schools in high trafficked areas that were sure to be seen by students and staff. The posters included great information regarding electronic cigarettes such as, “E-cigarettes are not harmless. Studies have show that some aerosol contains probably cancer causing chemicals.” Another alarming e-cig fact that resonates with students is, “Many e-cigarettes contain liquid nicotine, which is highly addictive.”

Overall tobacco control observance holidays provide a great opportunity for SWAT students to really educate their peers as well as faculty and staff on the dangers of Big Tobacco!