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Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) Clubs in Columbia County are Ready for a Great Year!
August 9, 2019

At the start of the 2019-2020 school year Columbia County “Students Working Against Tobacco” is back and stronger than ever!

For the first in two years, clubs have been reestablished in the south end of the county at both Fort White High School and Fort White Junior High. Clubs are also established at Richardson Sixth Grade Academy and Lake City Middle School.

Joseph O’Hern the Columbia County Community Health Advocate with the QuitDoc Foundation said, “I am thrilled to see clubs at the majority of our eligible schools. I truly believe this year is going to be a monumental year for not only Students Working Against Tobacco but tobacco prevention in Columbia County as a whole.” O’Hern went on to say that “having clubs throughout the county is really crucial to not only fighting back against Big Tobacco and the epidemic of vaping but also to help keep Columbia County a leader in tobacco prevention. By the end of this month we hope to have a Students Working Against Tobacco club established at Columbia High making all five eligible schools ones with clubs in them. We’ve got some fantastic sponsors and great youth this year so watch out!”

Much like the Tobacco Free Partnership and the Columbia County Tobacco Prevention Program as a whole, Students Working Against Tobacco plans to place a lot of emphasis on combatting vaping and ENDs use throughout Columbia County.

For those students who are interested in joining Students Working Against Tobacco can talk to Ms. Skeen at Fort White High, Mr. Babston at Fort White Middle, Ms. Reynolds at Lake City Middle School and Coach Gomez at Richardson Sixth Grade Academy.

You can also reach out to Joseph O’Hern at for additional information.