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Tobacco Free Partnership of Columbia County Prepares for a Very Productive Year!
September 9, 2019

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Columbia County, a coalition of community members focused on the prevention of tobacco use, has signed its bylaws, elected the 2019-2020 Advisory Council, and made plans for the upcoming year.

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Columbia County is dedicated to the creation of tobacco-free social norms through a combination of community education, youth advocacy and changes in local tobacco policies. The mission of the Tobacco Free Partnership of Columbia County reflects the goals of the CDC’s Best Practices, especially in regards to changes in local tobacco policies to create and promote tobacco-free social norms.

Currently the partnership focuses on counteracting tobacco marketing at the point of sale, tobacco free worksite policies, reducing tobacco use in rural communities and Students Working Against Tobacco clubs for middle and high schools throughout Columbia County.


There are multiple goals that the Partnership has identified as a priority for this fiscal year. Tobacco Retail Licensing is one of the main focuses this year and the plan is to continue to build support and capacity for the Point of Sale task force committee. Engaging community members through presentations, finding out what key community stakeholders feel about tobacco retail licensing and revisiting the strategy plan are all key when it comes to attaining tobacco retail licensing in Columbia County.

In addition, another main focus this year of the Tobacco Free Partnership will combatting the vaping epidemic taking place. The Partnership plans to use community events such as the Worlds Greatest Baby Shower, Trunk or Treat, Olustee Festival, Tobacco Free Florida Week and more to educate the community on the dangers of vaping and start building the steps needed to enact policy change at the local level. The Tobacco Free Partnership has representation from a wide variety of agencies and organizations including Columbia County School District, Columbia Health Department, Suwannee Valley 4Cs, Another Way, Chamber of Commerce and more making it a powerful force in local prevention efforts.

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Columbia County is facilitated by QuitDoc Foundation. Learn more at To learn more about the Partnership or to get involved, visit